Random Weekend Post: Horse Latin


Ibif yibou ciban ribead thibis, thiben:


Yibou ciban ibundiberstiband Hiborse Libatibin!

If you didn't understand a word of the jibberish above, then I take pride in the honor of introducing you to a new language:

Horse Latin.

I had originally planned to do this entire post in Horse Latin, but I worried that might frighten some of you away, so I held back. (Besides, it's harder to type in Horse Latin, and much easier to miss mistakes...)

Horse Latin is simply adding sounds to existing words. But first, let's get one thing straight:

It is NOTHING like Pig Latin. They are COMPLETELY different.
Just because you know and understand Pig Latin, does NOT mean you will do the same for Horse Latin. Though personally, I think Horse Latin is WAY easier...

Here's the rule:

Place the letters "ib" before the first vowel (or vowel sound) in each syllable of every word.

Easy peasy, rice and cheesy.

Ibeasiby pibeasiby, ribice iband chibeasiby.

One of my favorite memories growing up, was when my dad would tell us familiar stories, in Horse Latin. For example:

Thibe Thribee Libittible Pibigs (The Three Little Pigs)

Wibonce ibupibon iba tibime, thibere libived thribee libittible pibigs.
Thibe fibirst libittible pibig chibose tibo bibuild hibis hibouse ibout ibof stribaw.
Thibe sibecibond libittible pibig chibose tibo bibuild hibis hibouse ibout ibof stibicks.
Iband thibe thibird libittible pibig chibose tibo bibuind hibis hibouse ibout ibof bribicks.

Wibone dibay, thibe bibig bibad wibolf cibame ibalibong tibo thibe fibirst libittible pibig's hibouse

>knibock, knibock, knibock< "Libittible pibig, libittible pibig, libet mibe cibome ibin!"

"Nibot biby thibe hibair ibof miby chibinniby chibin chibin!"

"Thiben Ibi'll hibuff, iband Ibi'll pibuff, and Ibi'll BIBLOW yibour hibouse ibin!"

You get the idea. Stories in Horse Latin are best told around a campfire in the woods, and I promise you, it is WAY funnier when you hear it, than it is when you read it.

Maybe I'll post a video of my dad telling the story of the Three Little Pigs in Horse Latin... Now I just have to get him to do it...

Happy weekend all!

Darci - The Page Traveler

Do you speak any funny languages like Horse Latin, or Pig Latin? Did your family have any fun code words or phrases growing up? Any thoughts?


  1. So bizarre so my 11 yr over daughter just learned Pig Latin. Not a fan of pig latin.I have no idea what shes ever saying when i tried to teach her horse latin she said that sucks. I never really heard pig latin growing up, when i did i didnt car for it. My family is fluent in horse latin and always spoke it around me when i wasnt supposed to know what was going on. And I never searched horse Latin online course cuz I thought my grandpa made it up so I'm trying to learn Pig Latin for my 11 year old. and I decide to see if there's anything online about horse Latin so I searched and I came across this blog post cracked me up so nice to know there's somebody else in the world understands and writes and Reads in horse Latin. way swag so cool I just wanted to share that with ya alright

  2. My mom taught me horse latin when I was a little girl and I still remember how to do it!

    Hibave iba wibondiberfibul dibay!


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