"Love, Mom" Letter 5

Dear Monkey,

You are adorable. I love when you pretend magic! Whether with your wand or your hands, it makes me laugh... you've definitely put a spell on us, we love you so much, it's indescribable :-)

Sometimes, Mommy has bad days...
Sometimes, Mommy is in so much pain that even changing your diaper is difficult.
Saturday was one of those days.

Then Sunday was a hard day for you!
You tripped over someone's shoe and hit your face on a corner :-(
Poor buddy...
It's okay though, it will heal soon, I promise.

In the meantime, Daddy's been calling you "Scarface." I'm just glad it's not really that bad.

As for this week, we'll be going on a little trip on Friday!
We get to go see Grandma and Grandpa "C" who live in the mountains!

But before that, I promise we'll go swimming, and go to the library, and have lots of fun!

Thanks for being patient with me, while I learn how to be a good mommy.
Daddy says he loves you.
I love you too.



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