"Love, Mom" Letter 3

Dear J-boy,

Happy 18 months Monkey!

You are officially one-and-a-half years old, and what a year-and-a-half it's been!

In that time you have grown from 7 lbs. to 21 lbs.

And from 21 inches to 28. (I think :-/ )

I loved you from the moment you were born.

And so did your daddy.

From very early on, we could tell you were gonna be just like daddy.

We've loved having your cute little smile, and your infectious laughter in our home.

You make such funny faces!

And are definitely one cool cat!

Climbing in and out of stuff...

Still making funny faces at 8 months!

By the time you were 6 months, you had a favorite toy... even now, you love to go to sleep with "Red Bear".

And now we're on to new adventures.

In the past eighteen months, you have learned how to do all these things (mostly in order):

Sit up
Finger feed yourself
Drink from a sippy cup
Squirm out of your bumbo
Climb (yes, he could climb before he could walk)
Sign lots of ASL words: eat, all done, dog, cat, fish, please, mom, & dad
Climb in and out of your high chair
Run / retreat
Use a spoon and a fork
Drink from a real cup (though you haven't quite mastered it yet)

And most recently...

Climb out of your crib.

Boy are the next six months gonna be fun!

Here's the thing, little love, I don't think you're quite ready to sleep anywhere besides your crib yet. You haven't grasped the concept of bedtime = stay put, and I don't think you're going to until you can respond to me verbally. Once you can do that, then we'll move you into a big boy bed. I promise. We even have one waiting for you, as soon as you're ready to take it on!

The past eighteen months have sure been great. Even the nine months before that were exciting, as we anticipated your arrival. Thanks for being such an awesome kid.

You sure make life interesting, and so much fun.



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