Hi, I'm a Mormon.

I don't intend for this to be preachy, and I'm not trying to convince anyone to agree with me, I just felt that since I have this little spot to express my thoughts, I'd like for those who read it to know the belief system behind the things I write. My opinions, thoughts, and everything about me comes down to some very basic beliefs, which I will outline here.

I believe that God is our Eternal Father. We are tied to Him just as much as we are to our earthly fathers, if not more. He is the Father of our spirits. He knows us intimately, and wishes for us to get to know Him as well. He wants us to live righteous lives, so that we can return to live with Him after this life.

This is my favorite picture of Christ.
I often feel like this little girl.
I believe that Jesus of Galilee is the Christ. In his life, He taught, served, and loved. He rebuked and chastened when needed. And in the final hours of that life, He suffered immense pain and sorrow, taking the punishment for our sins upon himself, so that He would best understand our pain when we come to Him in repentance. He died on Calvary, was buried in a tomb, and rose again. I believe that He lives today. And through His resurrection, we will live again as well.

I believe that God has called prophets throughout time to lead His people. These prophets are not perfect, they are just men. But they have been called by Him, and given His power, and are strengthened by Him in their weaknesses. They write their teachings, which have become the scriptures we have today.

Current Prophet, and
President of the LDS Church
Thomas S. Monson
I believe that there is a prophet on the earth today. That God, our father, did not desert us after Christ's death, but He loves us enough to continue calling servants to guide and teach us, as prophets have done in the past.

I believe that the first of these modern-day prophets, Joseph Smith, was given an ancient record of scripture, unknown to men at the time, and was able to translate it through the gift and power of God. That record is known today as The Book of Mormon.

I believe that as a child of God, it is my responsibility to be the best I can in every area of my life. It is also my responsibility to repent when I make mistakes. I go to God in prayer, and ask in the name of Christ to be forgiven. I fix my mistakes as well as I can, and resolve to be better. Through this process, I am continually progressing toward the perfection needed to live in the presence of the Father.

I also believe, however, that I will not attain perfection in this life. It is only through the Atonement of Christ that I will be blessed to live with my Father again. There, I will continue to grow, learn and progress even after this life. And eventually, (in the FAR distant future) I will master all things, gaining the perfection I seek.

I believe that through the power of God, I have been united to my husband for eternity. Not just "til death do us part". I believe that God has given His power to men, that the things they bind on earth will be bound in heaven. This includes my family. Our children will all be born into this bond. My children will always be my children. This knowledge makes the parting of death a little easier to bear. Though the pain of separation is still severe, I find comfort in the knowledge that I will see our family again after this life.

I suppose that's most of it. If I didn't explain something clearly, feel free to leave a question in the comments or click on This Link to read more. Please remember that I'm not trying to convince anyone to believe as I do. These are, quite simply, the things I have found to ring true in my heart and mind.

Feel free to share this post. Thanks :-)

Darci - The Page Traveler

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