A Few Updates

Oh boy, oh boy oh boy!

I'm not sure I mentioned it here, but I did in fact decide to audition for Blogger Idol 2011...

And the Top 12 will be announced this Friday!

I'm so excited, I can't wait to see if I made it!


And now I'm sad, because Blogger is being dumb and not letting me upload any pictures or videos...

So I guess this will have to do for today.

Lame sauce.


Oh well, I'll have a funny/controversial post for you tomorrow. I had planned it for today, but it's not quite finished yet. You'll love it :-)

In other news, I am reading a book called Too Rich for a Bride, by Mona Hodgson. It's a pretty good story so far, but not as engaging as I'd hoped. I got it through a program called "Blogging for Books". I don't think I'm going to do it again though, because you have to choose a book from their list, instead of whatever book you want. I'll finish it, (because I basically signed a contract to read it and write a review) but I'm going to move right along after I'm done.

Let's see..... what else.......

We're going swimming today! Yay!!!

Monkey's been fussy lately... I think he might be teething or going through a growth spurt...

Oh, so I have a  funny story about yesterday... I made salsa for the first time! At first Turner said it tasted too leafy, because I didn't chop up the cilantro enough, but after the flavors mixed up a little more, he was like "Wow! This is SO good! I can't fit enough on a chip!" I didn't believe him at first, I thought he was mocking me. But he kept saying how delicious it was, so I guess he was being honest :-)

Then we had BLT lettuce wraps for dinner (yumminess), and afterward really wanted ice cream, but we didn't have any... so Turner went to the store to get us some while I got Monkey ready for bed. Then he calls me when he's on his way home and says, "I got a surprise for you... but I had to use the credit card to get it... "

Bad husband. My response? "Thanks. I reserve the right to make you return it."

What did he get?
Ultimate Editions of Harry Potter 5 & 6...
But did I have the willpower to make him return them?
No. Way.

So we spent the evening eating ice cream from separate cartons, and watching Harry Potter special features.

All in all, a good day. Especially food-wise.

I mean, can it get better than home made salsa, comfort food BLT's, and ice cream from your own personal carton?

I submit that it cannot.

Darci - The Page Traveler

(Lots of questions for you today, let's see who's brave enough to answer them all :-)

What do you all think? If I make it into the top 12, will you vote for me? I'm gonna need all the help I can get! So if I make it, I expect ALL of you to tell ALL your friends about my blog, and have them follow me, and vote for me on Blogger Idol. Thanks friends!

Do you like homemade salsa? BLT's? How do you eat ice cream? Do you prefer it in a bowl, or straight from the carton?

I've been thinking lately, I need to come up with a nickname for you guys... I was thinking something like Bookworms, or My Faithful Crew, or Bookmates or something... what do you think? Any ideas? Or do you like one of those?

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