Day 5: Answers!

Let's see how many you got right...

1. The Carribean (Pirates of the...)

2. Paris (my dad speaks French, so I'll take him and my mom with me.)

3. New York City (Broadway baby!)

4. Rome (I'd like to visit a lot of other parts of Italy too...)

5. Buckingham Palace, London. Who doesn't want to visit this?

6. The Great Wall of China - gotta dance on it with my husband.

7. This is Moon Beach, in Valparaiso, Chile where my husband served part of his mission.

8. Antarctica - just for the penguins.

9. Africa - just for the animals.

10. Ireland - "Oh me lucky charms!"

11. Siberia - One word: tigers.

12. The Philippines. My " mission mommy", aka, my trainer, was Filipino, as was my "baby", the sister that I trained. As was my "grandma", the sister who trained the sister who trained my mommy. Make sense of that.

13. Liberty, Missouri, specifically, Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith and others were held prisoner on false charges for about six months.

14. Jerusalem. Need I say more?

15. The Garden of Gethsemane.
I have to tell you, I have been so intrigued with this place ever since I saw a video clip of Jeffery Holland giving his testimony of Christ here. I can't wait to visit it someday.

It was a close race... especially since only two people participated.

We'll have to do another one of these sometime.

And the winner is.......................

AMY! From Chapterhouse Lane.

Everyone needs to visit her blogs, and FOLLOW.

Erica got close, you both missed all the same ones, except Amy guessed Siberia right.

So Amy, what kind of candy bar would you like? Or should I just buy you lunch? You and Erica need to meet sometime too, by the way. 


Bloggy Buddy Lunch Date? Who's in? Anyone? Anyone?.......

Darci - The Page Traveler

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