"Love, Daddy" Letter 1

As of last week, Turner has finally started reading this blog on a semi-regular basis. On Monday, he read my "Love, Mom" letter, and decided to write a letter to Monkey himself. So here it is! Enjoy.

My dear sweet Monkey boy,

I want to share with you my treasures. 

I treasure play time together, rolling and giggling on the floor. 

I treasure each smile. The feelings I get each time I walk through the front door or walk into the room and find you there smiling up at me are really quite amazing and indescribable. 

I treasure your kisses and hugs. At 18 months old you already understand that kisses mean "I love you!" 

You are sweet and generous with your love as your mother & I endeavor to teach you and love you every day. 

Mommy gets more hugs than I do, but that makes each one I get that much more special. 

I treasure cuddle time when we sit and watch your favorite movies, "The Incredibles", "Cars", & "Happy Feet." 

I treasure our conversations as you chatter away the day. I have no idea what you are talking about but know that I treasure every word, and long for the day when I can listen & understand every thought of your heart. 

I treasure Mommy. She is so wonderful & does so much for us. We would be lost without her. Please tell her that you love her and remember to say "thank you"  every chance you get. 

I treasure you. It was impossible to imagine having a child of my own. I was so frightened  when I first found out you were coming. Now I cannot imagine life without my little Monkey boy. 

Silver, gold and jewels so grand 
Can never compare to the touch of my sweet child's hand.

Thank you for loving Mommy & I. We will always be here for you.



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