Summer Lovin'

I am pleased and extremely excited to announce that my husband took his FINAL final last night, and that school is officially O-U-T for exactly one-hundred and three days.

This is why my post is going up late today.

Last night to celebrate, we ordered pizza,  stayed up late watching Harry Potter, and slept in a little this morning, because he got permission to go in late to work today.

I adore my husband.

And I know I probably don't show it enough. He is such an amazing man!

He goes to work every day to provide for us.

He's getting more education so that he can get a better job.

He is completely dedicated to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we follow, and is helping me to teach it to our son.

He loves me, and he shows it.

He adores our son, and is so excited to be able to come home from work and get to stay home to play instead of going to the school for study or classes.

He makes me laugh :-)

He laughs at my jokes and sarcastic comments :-D

He is smart, and teaches me things.

He is able to articulate emotions in frustrating situations - both his, and mine (which I sometimes don't like, because he can generally out-talk me in just about any argument... but it's something I'm learning how to do from him.)

He is cute.

He dances. Whether it's at a dance studio, a wedding reception, or in our living room or kitchen... whether I'm in shape, out of shape, pregnant, or sick... when he dances with me, I feel beautiful.

He appreciates my attempts to be a good housewife & mother. I'm not perfect at it, but he loves me anyway.

He supports and encourages me in my goals.

We share the same dreams for our family.

We work together to make important decisions regarding our family and future.

We enjoy the same things.

We learn and grow from each other.

We are best friends.

I'm excited to spend every second possible this summer loving my dear husband.

I hope you all have as much fun this summer as we're planning to :-)

Hallelujah! School's out!

Have a great summer! Read lots of books! Hopefully I'll be able to finish A Tale of Two Cities before summer is over... (I've got another post on that coming soon too.)

See you tomorrow-

Darci - The Page Traveler

What are YOU going to do this summer? Who will you spend it with? What fun things have you done in past summers?

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