Productivity... Motivation...

Why is it that productivity comes in waves?

Is it just me? Or does this happen to you too?

I really like this little picture I picked up from a Google search...

Wouldn't it be nice? Press a single button and watch your energy, motivation and metabolism shoot up. See your floors become clean right before your eyes, the laundry get folded, dishes get done, toys and books put away all without even thinking about it.

I wish.

In my parent's house while I was growing up, everyone had their one chore that they were responsible for, and never really had to worry about anything else. Mom did the rest. (Have I mentioned that my mom is awesome?) So, I never really got the hang of regularly cleaning the house.

Now, I did, however, serve a mission for my church for 19 months, during which I did help keep my various apartments clean. But that was different because we were inspected every six weeks or so... and got in trouble if things were dirty.

So here I am, a young wife, new mom, learning how to take care of a house. Learning how to manage my time so that I can keep everything ship-shape.

Surprisingly, my weakness lies in the dishes.

The chore I always did at home.

Here's the thing, I really don't mind doing the dishes when I have the time to, I just usually don't. Lately I've taken to putting headphones on (only one ear though, in case the kiddo cries) and just going at it. I don't currently have a dishwasher, so it takes me anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on how big the pile got that day...

I'm just rambling now. My point is, I'm trying very hard to be more productive with my time lately, which is why (I feel) my posts have been suffering. I've been writing most of these in a rush lately, and I feel bad. This is an important part of my life now (not THE most important, but important all the same...) and I want to make time for it. I am re-committing. I will do better.

Happy hump-day.

Darci - The Pager Traveler

What's your weak spot? Is productivity hard for you to keep up? Any advice for me as to how I can keep myself motivated when I don't feel like it?

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