Kids Do the Darndest Things...

(Got a really late start today... no internet, and such...)

My son is about 17 and 1/2 months old. He doesn't talk much right now. He makes sounds, but he doesn't use words yet. Not even Mama or Dada. Though he can say them, he chooses to point at us most of the time.

Because he doesn't speak, he does a lot of things that make me wonder, "Do all kids do that?"  Some of the things he does, I'm sure other kids do all the time. Some, I'm not so sure. Here is a short list, for your entertainment.

- Chases the birds at the park.
- Right now, he's got my keys and he's standing on a footstool trying to unlock the front door (I think he wants to go outside).
- He loves to "play" our piano.
- Climbs EVERYTHING. Seriously.
- Loves to get at anything electronic: wii remotes, tv/dvd remotes, cell phones, etc. When he DOES get hold  of one, he looks around to see if we're coming, and if he sees us, he runs for it.
- Just now, he came up to me, raised his little pointer finger in the air, as if he were going to press a button on my laptop and when I lifted it out of his reach, he turned away looking frustrated.
- Now, he's trying to put my car key into the strap slots on the back of his highchair.
- He loves playing with the weekly ads that come in the mail. They're nice and colorful.
- He loves it when Daddy throws him into the air and spins him around.
- He prefers things that are the color red to just about anything else.
- He cannot be contained.
- He loves things that make noise.
- He loves to draw... on anything.
- He knows what he wants.
- He knows how to use a magic wand (we make them, so he has a couple of his own).
- He knows how to use all those electronic things I mentioned before (to a certain extent).
- Plays with the buckles on everything, trying to put them together (stroller, car seat, etc.)

I think most of these things are pretty normal. Is there anything here that you think is unusual? What do the kids in your life do that make you stop and wonder, "Do all kids do that?" I'm sure I've got more, so I'll save them for another time.

Kids are crazy.

Excuse me while I go play with mine.

Darci - The Page Traveler

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