God Bless the U.S.A.... Follow up to Death: a Celebration?

After having had a day or two to think about it, I've decided I need to say something...

I want to apologize. Not for what I wrote, because it is how I feel. But I do apologize for having wrote it from a very frustrated perspective, and I definitely could've been more tactful, and more understanding.

There are many people out there who have been hurt beyond what I can imagine by the acts of a man who has finally been laid to rest. And just because he didn't effect me as much, doesn't mean that I should stop people from celebrating if they want to.

That's the amazing thing about our country. You have every right to do what you want to do, and not feel bad for it! I have the right to think or say differently, and we can both respect each other's opinions while we live together in harmony. Every debate, every argument, every political race, is all possible because we have the blessing of living in a free country. We have the freedom to think and feel any way we choose, and to NOT be punished or looked down upon for it.

I do want to make one thing clear: when I wrote that post, I was NOT trying to say that the people outside the White House were being stupid. And had I been living there, or had the same thing happened in my neighborhood, I probably wouldn't have done anything about it, because that's their right (I might have asked them to keep it quiet, but that's just because I have a very light-sleeping one-year-old).

It was simply my opinion (my opinion, mind you), that their actions were over-the-top. You don't have to agree with me, in fact, I don't believe many would. I'm quite probably the minority in this. But that is my opinion.

Along with that, I also got a comment asking about the reference to the Israelite's, so I'd like to share a little more about that as well. I don't believe it is in the scriptures that I read (mentioned in the other post), but the Half Hallel is a Jewish tradition that happens during Passover. I've only been told about it, so I did have to look it up. I found a couple of references to it that appear to be credible Jewish sources.

At this site is the following quote:

"One rabbinic tradition is that only the "half" Hallel is recited on the last six days of Passover because joy is mitigated by the calamity that then befell the Egyptian host when pursuing the Israelites (see Meg. 10b)"

I'll be completely honest, in that I don't know what book of scripture that's referring to, but I'm assuming it's part of the Talmud. One of the Tractate's is called the Megillah, so it likely is part of that. 

Guess I did learn a little from reading "The Chosen" huh? :-)

Again, I apologize if my words sounded harsh, that was not my intent. I completely understand that we as a Nation have a right to, and by all means, should, celebrate this victory. I simply chose to celebrate it with a prayer of gratitude rather than a party. But hey, if a party is your thing, have fun :-)

Happy and Grateful,

Darci- The Page Traveler

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