Day One...

Yes, that is little me.
Fifteen Interesting Facts

1 - In 2005, I went as Rogue for Halloween, and actually bleached the front of my hair for it. It was awesome

2 - My eyes are two different colors. Not that I have two different colored eyes... The inside ring of both my eyes is brown, and the outside is dark blue.

3 - I was a huge little nerd all through elementary school, junior high, and most of high school. I'm sure I still have some of that in me...

4 - My favorite color is blue - I can't think of a shade I don't like.

5 - My husband swept me off my feet while we were dating - quite literally - he's a professional ballroom dance instructor.

6 - My favorite part of any good movie I see, is always the bonus features that show interviews and "the making of..."

7 - I love to sing, and I love to be on stage, though the thought of doing it now makes me feel more nervous than it did when I was doing it all the time. I'm a little out of practice... I took lessons for a long time, but haven't for about 6 years. I'd really like to again.

8 - I spent 19 months serving a full-time mission for My Church, and got to meet and work with amazing women - sisters - from all over the world.

This is Naomi Mannino and I. She was the last sister I got to
work with. She is from Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
We had lots of fun :-)

9 - At 26, I am the oldest of five kids, my youngest sibling is 9-years-old.

10 - I am exactly one month and three days younger than my husband.

11 - I was an all-out-teeny-bopper of the late 1990's - and proud of it. We'll get into that some more later though.

12 - I went through a phase in high school where I swore a lot, but not around the people I knew would be hurt by it. Not proud of that.

13 - When being labeled a Disney character personality, it used to be Belle, but when Hercules came out, it was unequivocally Megarah.

14 - My favorite books of ALL TIME are two series of five books each (ten total) by David Eddings: The Belgariad, and The Mallorean. I LOVE to read them, and I probably know the stories and characters better than I do the Harry Potter ones, or at least as well as...

15 - I tried out for my junior high's cheer squad on a dare from my cousin who didn't think I could make it - and I did. Go me.

This took me about 45 minutes...

Which one is your favorite?
Which one surprised you the most?
Do we have any of these in common?

Darci - The Page Traveler

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