Potter Perfect

My husband and I love the Harry Potter books.

And when I say we love them, I mean we listen to the audiobooks almost constantly, just for fun.

We are planning on having an awesome Harry Potter Party just before the release of the 7.2 movie. I'm thinking that to gain admittance you'll have to present your wand for identification.

We'll have cauldron cakes, and butterbeer (non-alcoholic of course), pumpkin juice, pumpkin pasties, and every commercialized HP treat/candy we can find.

We'll have the movies going in the background, and we'll do a Harry Potter Book Trivia game, probably like Jeopardy or something. I haven't decided whether we'll do it with teams or individuals, or make it some kind of tournament thing... But it WILL be fantastic, I can guarantee that.

So, if you are a fan of Harry Potter - books &/or movies - consider yourself invited.

Anyway, so my dear husband and I were listening to the third book last night as we were getting ready for bed, when he said, "What would've happened if Sirius had just sent Harry a letter explaining everything?"

So we talked about it. If Sirius wrote a letter (who's to say how he'd have gotten hold of parchment and quill...) and sent it by means of Crookshanks or some random owl, or even Hedwig (again, who knows how he'd have found any owl) to either Harry, or Dumbledore, or Lupin, explaining what had really happened with Wormtail, he could have enlisted their help in catching "Scabbers" to test the theory. To be completely honest, I'm sure both Lupin and Dumbledore would've been much more likely to trust Sirius than Pettigrew, even after twelve years of thinking Sirius guilty and Pettigrew dead. I mean, Lupin even says to Harry at one point, "Well, I thought I knew [Sirius Black]," which tells me he is still in disbelief concerning the whole thing. It is that disbelief, coupled with him seeing Pettigrew on the Marauder's Map, that makes him believe Sirius's innocence so quickly. Lupin believes in his heart, wishes it were true, that Sirius would never have betrayed James and Lily. So when that is confirmed to him, he acts on it.

And Lupin acts on it without really thinking too. Because, even at this point had Lupin contacted Dumbledore and shown to him the Marauder's Map with Pettigrew's dot on it, everything would have been fine. OR if Snape hadn't been so quick to judge and had LISTENED  when they were in the Shrieking Shack (sigh)...

Anyway, here's the point I'm wanting to make with all of this...

Jo Rowling is uh-ma-zing. Her writing is so simple in a lot of ways, in that it's easy to read, get through, and barely comprehend. But at the same time, there is such a depth to her stories, and a complexity that I can only dream of putting into my own. There are VERY few inconsistencies (and believe me, you can only catch them when you've read/listened to the dang books over fifty times each...) She knows every character and setting intimately; she knows the history of those characters and settings; she knows so much more than she put into her books. That is evident by the many little connections that are made throughout each individual work, not to mention throughout the entire series. I am SO glad to know that she is working on a complete encyclopedia for the Harry Potter world. (See Mugglenet.com for more information.) and Considering the size of the books themselves, I'm thinking this encyclopedia is gonna be BIG. Like, it'll probably be broken up into volumes.
If you can't tell, I'm excited about that...

"Dear Twilight,
I'm sorry, I can't hear you over my THEME PARK.
Harry Potter"


Darci- The Page Traveler

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