Just to let you know...

So, this post has nothing to do with anything, really... Just to inform you of a few goals I have set for myself.

I would like to say, first of all, that I am not a competitive jerk.

Okay, my goals are as follows:

1. To post something every day (except Sunday, that's family day). It doesn't have to be from a book, because, as we've seen, I don't get to read every day, so it might be from a movie, the news, or even from 'Blue's Clues' or 'Cars' (my son's most recent favorite shows).

2. To include, in each post, a thought of my own thinking. Everything I write here will be inspired by something I hear or see, and will consist of me trying to draw a lesson from it and apply that lesson.

3. To include at the end of each post (as I've been trying to do recently) a question to which you, as the reader, can respond, and possibly a 'call to action' sort of thing where I challenge you to make a change in your life.

That's pretty much it! I truly appreciate all of you who follow me here. I invite you to share the posts you enjoy most with others. Find a way to follow me here, and tell your friends! You can grab a button for this site from the 'Share Me' page too, if you feel so inclined.

Also, if you have any advice, or suggestions, I welcome those gratefully. Thanks again for being here! Let's learn together :-)

Till tomorrow,

Darci- The Page Traveler

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