Just Keep Swimming

So, last night I was in a bit of a slump. I was determined to get the kitchen cleaned after putting my son to bed, so I told my husband earlier in the day that I'd really like for him to pick up some dinner on his way home from his classes later. He said, "I thought we didn't even have enough money for gas?"

*sigh* He's right.

Well, not entirely. So I looked up out bank account and did some math and figured out that with the amount he's making now, and what we have in savings, we should be able to survive independent of outside help for another two to three months. Hopefully by that time we'll have gotten some financial aid for his schooling.

Anyway, going over our finances always puts me in a frustrated mood. It's just no fun to admit that you can't do it all. So, after I explained everything and we agreed that a five dollar Little Caesar's pizza was an okay investment for the night, he left for school.

Well, there I was, with my boy playing in the next room, feeling like I was doing something wrong. Feeling down, and very sorry for myself. So, I decided to turn on the Netflix and see if I could find something funny to watch to lift my spirits before I tackled the kitchen. As I was flipping through my options, I found a documentary called, The Pixar Story.

Sweet! I love Pixar, this should be fun!

So I watched it. And I learned a lesson.

Let me tell you something, these guys did not have it easy. They started out as a very small group of people in a dinky little office building. They cost their initial investor (Steve Jobs) ten million dollars to begin with, and another million was lost each of the first three or four years of it's existence. They were losing money all over the place! Then they signed a temporary contract with Disney, where Pixar got the short end of the stick as far as profit goes. After a while, the contract was re-negotiated, giving Pixar a better deal. Then in, I think 2005 or 2006, the bond was made permanent. The head guys at Pixar were given positions in Disney's company, and they were on top of the world.

I laughed through a great deal of the documentary, which was why I chose it. But as I watched these people talk about the experiences that have led them to where they are now, I saw how happy they were. Not just during the good times, but through the whole process. These guys never let anything get them down. Even during crunch time, they still were able to have fun and make the most of the situation. I really admire that.

I am so grateful for the blessings in my life. I have a wonderful, loving husband, a sweet, happy, healthy (not to mention hilarious) little boy, extended family and friends who care for us and help out whenever they can, we have a place to live, food to eat, a car to drive, and so much more.

Remembering to express gratitude helps me feel better when things are rough. It's hard sometimes, to get out of the "box" once you're in it. The "box" can be bitterness, anger, frustration, guilt, pride, grief... but finding just one thing for which to be grateful - one thing that can bring a smile to your face where a frown used to be - it can really change your perspective. It gets you out of that box, so you can "keep swimming..."

So thank you Pixar.

Thanks for being an amazing group of talented people, that kept on "swimming" even when the tides were against you. It's helped me to remember how blessed I am to have what I do, and to look forward to all the great things to come.

Gratitude: it does a body good.

Hehehe... have a great day.

Darci- The Page Traveler

What are you grateful for today? Does gratitude help you feel better when you're down? What else do you do to lift your spirits?

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