Decency Lost?

Little boys tend to feel this way
about ties...
This past Sunday, it was a beautiful morning. My wonderful little family and I were all ready for church around 9:50. So as my husband grabbed the last of his things, I took our son outside to walk to the car. He tried to grab the aloe vera near our front door, so I stopped him and he started crying a bit. As I calmly waited for him to finish, I heard some very rude language being spoken. I didn't know who was speaking, or to whom, so I tried to ignore it and focus on my son, but it kept going. Then I looked up to try and find the source and a man across the street began waving, looking directly at me, and the swearing's vulgarity level and volume increased.

I picked up my son and walked back inside to make sure my husband was coming. When we were heading back out, I hoped that the man had gone inside. I couldn't understand what I had done to make him so angry, or if he was just trying (perversely) to be funny. Sure, I let my kid cry a little, but all kids cry. It really didn't last that long, and all he needed to do to not hear it was go back inside (it looked like he'd been taking the trash out, so I assumed he was just going back in). So, out we go and, although I couldn't see the swearer, we could sure hear him. As I was putting our son in his car seat, the man started to direct his jibes at my husband, but they were about me. I hadn't ever felt so humiliated, and still I had no idea what I'd done to warrant it.

Neither I nor my husband said anything until we were buckled up in the front seat and driving to church. Then Husband said, "It's okay. Think happy thoughts." I could tell that the insults had hurt him nearly as much as they had me. He is very defensive about me and my self esteem. I had tears in my eyes as I tried to think why the man would have done this. Even now, I can't think of an answer except that he just didn't know any better. The tears came again when I thought of the Savior, and His words to our Heavenly Father about the soldiers who crucified and ridiculed Him when He said, "...Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." (St. Luke 23:34)

I went about my duties at church, and have gone through the days since then without really thinking about it. But every time I look at the house across the street, I feel a mixture of emotions. Sadness, fear, pity, a little bit of anger, and hopelessness. I feel like I need to have our front door locked all the time now. (I've never known anyone who would do something like that, so I have no idea what else he might do.) I'm afraid to go outside. I don't want to go running on our street anymore. And, more than ever, I want to move. I don't want to live near someone who is that mean. I mean, wouldn't you agree? What he did, the things he said, were just plain mean.

It is really sad to me that some people have degraded to this. A hundred years ago, things like that were unheard of. I like to believe people are generally good, decent, and kind. But things like this drive that hope away a little.

At the same time, I know that there are good, decent, kind people. There are a lot of them! There are people all over the world who are gracious to their friends, loving to their family and congenial with their neighbors. There are fathers/husbands who love their wife/children, wives/mothers who love their husband/children. There are teens and young adults who are not into drugs, who are modest in dress, and clean in body, mind, and speech. I know these things are possible. They are what I want for my family, for my husband and children.

For today, I'd like to invite all who read this to do two things.

1- Share with us here something good in your life; something that makes you smile.

2- Tell someone today that you appreciate their goodness, their decency, their service, their kindness, whatever it might be. Heaven knows we need more goodness in the world, and by telling people we are grateful for it, we will reap even more.

Gratefully yours,

Darci- The Page Traveler

P.S. I hope you'll share this post with as many people as possible. Indecency hurts, and kindness can heal.

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