"For as he thinketh... so is he."

I'm going to share a secret with you today...

That reference in the title is the first line from Proverbs 23:7. And that's what this post really boils down to.

In A Tale of Two Cities, Monsieur Mannette has been imprisoned for eighteen years. When he sees his daughter and hears her voice, he is reminded of and, for a moment, thinks she is, his wife. She recalls him to life, by awakening in his mind his past; the things that he truly cared about. This is another thing I can't possibly imagine. Mr.Lorry talks about how Monsieur Mannette has been 'buried alive' for all this time, and has now been 'dug up'. I suppose it would seem that way, if one had been in nothing but darkness, and only given enough food and drink to barely survive. A person would change dramatically in that amount of time.

So, the question of the day is:

Do we keep ourselves shut in like this? Not physically in the dark for years, but maybe in other ways?

Whether on purpose or unintentionally, I often find myself thinking pessimistically about things. I have learned over the last few years that this mental state is very counter-productive and is the equivalent to keeping yourself in darkness.

For example, when someone has debt, and wishes to get out of debt, they often begin telling themselves, "I need to get out of debt. I will get out of debt!" And they start to get excited about getting out of debt...

Now, go back are read that sentence and see how many times I said the word 'debt'.

I don't care if you're thinking about getting out or in, and your subconscious mind doesn't either. If you're focusing on 'debt', then 'debt' is what will come!

We attract the things we think about, quite literally. Most people don't believe in this phenomenon, because they never really give it a chance to work. Of course they have dreams, goals, and aspirations, but if they are thinking about them backwards like that, they'll never come to fruition.

If a person has debt, what they should start telling themselves, and thinking throughout each day is, "I want to be financially free." Or, even more productive, "I am financially free." Maybe something like, "I am grateful for my prosperity and abundance."

At first, this feels like a lie, and it probably is, for now. But the more you think it, picture it in your mind, and imagine what your life will be like when you believe yourself to be financially free, you will come to believe it. You will begin to expect checks in the mail instead of bills. You'll see your bank account balance grow, and your debt balance shrink.

I have personally witnessed these principles work in my own life. They are working now! I promise you that this is real, it can work in any aspect of your life. Now, understand that I have faith in God, therefore I attribute it all to Him. It is by His power that these things come to pass. But whatever you do or don't believe in, the principles of faith can still work for you. If you believe that something will come to you, it will come.

So what does all this have to do with being in the dark?

Well, I often meet and talk to people who feel like they don't have any control over their lives. They are overweight, or broke; they don't have the car they want, the house they want, or they complain about their spouse, children, job or WHATEVER. I want to shake these people by the shoulders and tell them that they DO have the power to change their life! All it takes is a simple shift in their thinking, and anything they want can be theirs!

But here's the rub: thinking consistently powerful thoughts is VERY difficult. I dare you to try it. Seriously.

You know what, try it right now. Go sit for a full five minutes and think of nothing but... your dream home. Think about it in the greatest detail you can. Then, if your mind wanders away from your dream home before the five minutes is up, you can come back. If not, come back after five minutes...

Welcome back! Did you make it the whole five minutes?

Okay. Whether you did or not, here are some things you should have thought of if you were focusing on detail:

What color are the walls? What does the carpet feel like? Is there grass in the backyard? How many rooms? What do the bathrooms look like? The kitchen? The bedrooms? Does it use gas, or electric? Are there lots of windows? What's the view like? Do you have a pool? A trampoline? A spa? Walk-in closets?  How many floors? Is there an office? A library? A den?

Did you think about all those things?

Most people don't even monitor their thoughts, let alone try to control them. It takes a lot of practice and patience.

And another thing, the ultimate goal of this practice is to get your subconscious mind thinking the things that your conscious mind dreams about. Thus, the entire first line of that verse of scripture reads, "For as he thinketh in his heart so is he."

I didn't come up with this all up on my own. The practice has been known for centuries. It is usually referred to as "The Law of Attraction". If you are interested in learning more about controlling your thoughts, you can read my post on The Mind Muscle. If you are also interested in changing your life through your thoughts, I recommend looking into a couple of books, The Jackrabbit Factor, and Hidden Treasures by Leslie Householder. Or watch the movie The Secret (available on Netflix if you have that).

Don't stay in the dark. Unlike Monsieur Mannette, the only thing that can keep us locked up, is ourselves.

My life is changing as we speak. Up until a month ago, my family had been living on nothing but a part-time income and help from family, friends, and our church for about the past year. We're living in a one-bedroom apartment that, though we're very grateful to have found it, is not big enough for us to continue growing our family as we'd like to. I really began applying these principles  four or five weeks ago, and it was between then and now that my husband got a new job offer and started working steadier hours with better pay. And now we might even be moving into a bigger place in the next few months. I know it is because we have applied our faith in God in our lives, and really, truly believed that He has good things coming for us.

I'm changing my life, you can change yours too.

Good luck!

Darci - The Page Traveler

P.S. I mostly talked about finances, but also mentioned weight, possessions, relationships, and occupations. What other ways do we hold ourselves back in life? Since we can't control other people's actions, how can we do better at being more positive around people who are not?


  1. I love this. LOVE IT!! I did make it the whole five minutes (I had to peek at the clock a couple times but by then I had already made it four minutes). My house had wood floor, an office for me with my published books on the shelf, bedrooms for my kids, a less-than-perfectly-clean bathroom for them :), a lovely large kitchen, grass in the backyard with a swingset and a slide, a big tree with a fort in it, and a couple of those gorgeous trees that blossom in february in the front yard.
    MMmmm. I liked that exercise!
    I totally believe that this is true. this "mind over matter" thing. Visualization helps too.
    Remember in ballroom class when we had to do that "drop" for the social medley? I couldn't do it for the longest time. I began using visualization. I visualized myself dropping, swinging around, and coming back to a standing position, my body tight and controlled. And it worked!!!!! I did it!

    Sorry about the forever-long comment. Thanks for posting this, I loved every second of it!

    Oh, and have you thought about making a blog button? People can add it to their blogs advertising for yours and then people who click on it are brought here. check out thecutestblogontheblock to find out how.

  2. @Amy

    Amy, I love YOU!
    I actually have three blog buttons made! If you look at my "table of Contents" on the left sidebar, the last link is 'Share Me'. If you go to that page you can get the codes for them.

    Thanks for the comment! You're awesome!


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