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**Some people may not like hearing what I have to say in this post, but it's something very important to me, and I feel that it needs to be shared.**

Just for your information, in case you aren't aware, A Tale of Two Cities is divided into three sections. The first, titled Recalled To Life, is the shortest of the three with only six chapters, The Golden Thread is the longest with 24, and The Track of a Storm draws it to a close with fifteen. I have just finished the first Book. And we have a lot to discuss. I will share only one thought today, and save the other for tomorrow so that they can each have time to sink in.

Also for your information, the main characters so far are Mr.Lorry, a banker; Miss Mannette, a kind, gentle young woman who has great inner-strength; Monsieur Defarge, a wine shop owner who does business with Mr.Lorry; Madame Defarge, the wife; and Monsieur Mannette, who has been imprisoned for eighteen years (we don't yet know why), and has recently been found and released. Before he was incarcerated, he did business with both Mr.Lorry and Monsieur Defarge.

Where to start? I feel like so much has happened in six chapters, and yet while I'm reading it I have to push myself a little to get to the next part where something IS happening. The reason for this is that Dickens continually writes sections that have nothing to do with the main thread of the story, but have everything to do with what life was like for the people living in France at that time. One example of this is when a wine cask breaks between cart and door outside Monsieur Defarge's shop. The people of the town immediately begin lapping up the drink like animals! The description of that event and the misery of the city and it's inhabitants goes into great detail and lasts for four pages. I found myself looking for the next dialogue and pressing forward to get to it.

I honestly can't imagine what my reaction would be to seeing something like that in person. My life has been incredibly blessed, (as have all of yours). The attempt I made trying to picture people getting down on all fours to drink up muddy wine from the street was a feeble one. I have never witnessed human beings acting that way, and I hope I never do.

I don't know much about the French Revolution, but if that is how the people had to live, then it's no wonder they revolted. I look at our government here in the U.S., and wonder if the same is not far distant, unless we elect  better, smarter, more honest people to lead the country.

But how does this event relate to our lives?

Do we act like animals in some ways?

I think we do. And I'm going to tell you how.

Immorality is commonplace in the world today, and in my opinion it is only making us less human. Men and women have the ability within themselves to harness their passions. Animals do not. Animals act purely on instinct. Animals don't mate for life.

Animals will also kill and eat each other, or their young. That is not what we want to be.

This is a serious thing guys! We each have within ourselves the God-given ability to create life, and that should NOT be treated lightly! We view murder as a crime, and put people in jail for it, but when two people have sex outside of wedlock (whether they create a baby or not) they get no punishment whatsoever. Yes, rape is considered a crime, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's about all those people out there who go around sleeping with whomever they meet that night, and then with someone else the next. Or even people who are living with a single partner but are not married. These things are considered commonplace, even EXPECTED by some who say that if you've lived with someone first, being married is easier. You might think I'm crazy for saying it, but I believe THIS IS WRONG. The power to procreate is sacred! I don't care whether you're using condoms, taking birth control, or whatever, the act itself is sacred. Intimacy should only be shared between husband and wife who have ALREADY made a commitment to each other (and any children that follow). It is a beautiful expression of love and devotion.

This brings up another 'taboo' subject: homosexuality. Now, I want to say, I have had, and still have, a lot of gay/lesbian friends. They are kind, fun, happy people, as are people I know who are living with partners or sleeping around. All these people are generally good decent people, and I respect them for the good things they do in life. However, I want to say, here and now, that I do not agree with their choices regarding morality. Sexual intimacy should only be shared between a man and a woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

Now, I know it feels good. I realize that everyone feels the drive to have sex. Those feelings are there for a reason. But trust me when I say that those urges CAN be controlled. I am speaking from experience here. I was married at age 23, and had been a virgin until that time. And since our wedding, I have been completely devoted and absolutely loyal to my husband alone. Honestly, people do it all the time! And I'm talking about abstinence; waiting. Waiting for marriage was one of my best decisions ever. And let me tell you, I made it early on in my life; already decided what to do and how I would respond when the situation came up. If the choice is made before the opportunity comes, the ability to resist is easier. There were times when things probably could have 'gone all the way', but it never got that close because I knew and understood the consequences.

If I may be so bold, I want to challenge all of you who read this to live a chaste life. Teach your children, and any other children you have influence over, to live it as well. For any of you who have made mistakes or choices in the past that have led you to immorality, I beg you: make the changes you need to make in order to live chaste.

When you do, you will be happier! Your relationships will, contrary to what you might think, become stronger! Instead of sleeping with your boyfriend, go DO something! Talk, play a game, read together, whatever, and when you feel like you know and love each other, get married, and STAY married.

Marriage is not easy, but it is completely worth it.

I love my husband. He drives me up the wall, and he can be a slob, and he grosses me out often, and sometimes his jokes aren't funny... But I really truly love him in spite of all that! Because when he comes home from work, he hugs me, kisses me and plays with our son. He brings me flowers, and writes me sweet notes. He is taking on a crazy workload at school, so that he can get a better job to help support our little family. I would never EVER leave him for anything or anyone. That's what we agreed to when we got married, and that's the commitment we keep.

So there's my challenge for you. I hope you'll do it.

Thanks for reading,

Darci - The Page Traveler

P.S. Feel free to share your thoughts, but, whether you agree or not, please be tactful and polite. Thanks in advance -Darci

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