The Declaration of Independence

The Founding Fathers were incredible men. When I read this document, I can feel the power in the words they chose. I can feel their passion, and their determination, and even their fear. I can imagine that having been under such treatment from the British crown for so long, there would be a little bit of fear there. Fear, but NO apprehension. These men knew exactly what they were getting them selves (and their countrymen) into. 

My assignment (from the back of the book A Thomas Jefferson Education) is to first, read through this once without doing anything else. Second, read through it again, look up any words I don't understand, and write down their definitions. Third, to go through and choose ten ideas from the document that interest me. And lastly, to sit down with a couple of other people, and explain these ten ideas to them.  For me, the people I'd really like to do that with, are my husband, and my sister-in-law. However, my husband is busy with school, and my sister-in-law lives  far far away. So, I will do it here. (Though I'll probably talk to them about it at some point as well.)

As of now, all I have done is read through the first time. Because I don't have a dictionary. I plan on going to the bookstore tomorrow night, and getting one. Because I need one. Google won't cut it for me anymore, I want a real live dictionary.

So, look forward to the next post, which will be definitions, and thoughts. It probably won't come until later this week though. You're welcome to join me in this adventure! The more the merrier.

"When in the course of human events..."

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