Laddie; The End

I plan on coming back to this book in the future, and spending more time on it. My instructions were to read it in a week, so I did my best, but I definitely want to delve deeper into it. I read it so fast I couldn't hardly think. I didn't like the ending very much, but the rest of it makes up for it in a way. There were many beautiful moments of inspiration from Little Sister, as well as many of the other characters throughout the story.

One that comes to mind,that I would really like to share, is towards the end when one of the sisters (Shelley) is heartsick from having lost the love of the man she adored. Twice before in the story, Little Sister had been planning to go to the very top banister of their barn, to the window facing east ('where Jesus used to be' she says), and give a prayer to end all prayers. But twice before, the thing the'd planned on praying for happened before she got the chance to pray about it! So she decides to pray for her sister Shelley to get her love back.

The way she prayed was absolutely astounding. For a child to have done the very thing I have been working to train myself to do for a few years! Before she prayed, she stood 'looking at the top of the world', and she let her thoughts go. She thought of how much she loved Shelley, and wanted her to be happy, and of how happy she had been when she'd had that love, and how different she was now, and how every person in the family would give anything they had to make her back the was she was before, and Little Sister just kept thinking and imagining how happy Shelley would be if this man would only come back into her life.

Then she started praying. But I want to focus on the first part. I've learned a lot in the recent years about the Law of Attraction; that our thoughts govern our lives. He who has complete control over his thoughts has complete control over his circumstances. This is a perfect example! Little Sister knew what she wanted, and took the time to think it through in detail. She knew, and acknowledged in her prayer, that the Lord knew best, but she only wanted what would make Shelley happy! After her prayer, Little Sister simply stood in adoration of the sunrise she was witnessing. And before she knew it, she felt, as sure as the sun on her skin, that the man would be coming. From there she went and told Shelley not to worry, but that he would come.

This is the part where I have trouble. I think things through, and I pray and I get that confirmation, and then I begin to doubt. That doubt creeps into my mind and my heart like a spider, and spins it's web all over my poor dreams. But Little Sister is an inspiration to me! In all her actions, she is sure! She knows that he will come! This is the point of things like 'vision statements' and 'dream boards', to provide inspiration and motivation that our dreams and righteous desires can come to pass. And sure enough, the day hasn't passed before they receive notice that the man in question is searching for Shelley.

If only we all had the faith of a child!

Why do you suppose we don't?

What is it about life and it's experiences that cause adults to lose some of their love of life and trust in God? (or fate, or whatever you choose to call it...) Perhaps some discussion on this point? I am very curious to hear what others think.

For myself, I think I suffer most from fear, of various kinds. Mostly fear that I am not worthy of the blessing I request. Also fear of failure, or of losing, or of having to sacrifice something, etc. I won't go into detail, because I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

Please share, and invite others to do so as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

The Page Traveler

I will be starting in on The Lonesome Gods tomorrow (2/18/11).

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