Intro to the Page Traveler

Hello. I am the Page Traveler. I am beginning a self-issued mission to seek out the best books, and learn from them.

My motivation: my son, and future children. I must teach myself to study and learn first, if I am to teach them. All parents want more for their children than they had for themselves, and I am the same. I had a standard public school education, and I never thought any more than that would be necessary. But as I look at my one-year-old son, I wonder, "What did I really learn?" There has to be more. I have learned recently that there is! And it was, in a way, relieving to find out that not only is there more, but it is so very easy to get it.

I found this in a book called A Thomas Jefferson Education. It has inspired me to make more of myself, and raise my children in such a way that they will become scholars and leaders that this world sorely needs.

My travels begin in the world of Anne Shirley, on Prince Edward Island. A world chronicled by L.M Montgomery.

Please join me. I would love to have your comments and feedback on every story we traverse.


The Page Traveler

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