Anne of Green Gables Ch. 29...

First of all, I want to begin with the end and say how wonderful I thought the ending was. Perfection indeed. But we'll discuss that later.

In Chapter 29, Anne tells Diana how she feels it's easier to be good when her clothes are fashionable. I find this interesting. I suppose that for Anne it must be true, since she felt so completely out of place when her sleeves weren't puffed, but she still gained friends regardless, and obviously affection from boys as well. All without puffed sleeves. But we see that as she is given more fashionable clothing, she does go through a change to a certain degree.
I read an article the other day, (the link is dead for some reason, so I can't share it like I wanted to) about research that showed a difference in self esteem when individuals were given name-brand things. The way I remember it was, they got all these random people who wanted to apply for a job and had them fill out an application. The study showed, by a large margin, that those who were given high-end name-brand computers to fill out the application requested a higher salary than those who were given low-end computers. This was a little weird for me. No matter how much we're told that material things don't matter, they do make a certain difference.
I feel this way sometimes. But the only thing that can get me out of that frame of mind, is remembering that everything I have came from the Lord, and I express gratitude for it. Especially when I am in humble circumstances, doing these things helps me be grateful for what I have, rather than focusing on what I lack.
At the same time, we see that people who are in one class seem uncomfortable when put in the company of another. Whether it's lower class going to an upper class party or business meeting, or an upper class person going to a lower class cookout or something. Of course there are individuals who are comfortable enough with themselves that they can pull it off (like Anne, in my opinion) but the grand majority of our race is comfortable with their current circumstances, as much as they say they'd like them to be different, they really don't want it that badly.

My other thought will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm afraid, because it's late and I'm giving piano lessons early in the morning. Goodnight to all!


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